Site Updates in the past.

  2002.11.19 Link page has been updated.
  2002.11.1 New OMS patchname file "PSR 280" (submitted by Mr. Geroge Mack) add in Download page.
Also, Tips for "Downloading and Installing Vision" is now, much easier to understand.
  2002.10.13 Here's new Enquete "Which computer/hardware do you use with Vision?". Japanese version's results also available. Please join!!
  2002.09.27 It's been a month since last update. Japanese version is quite popular while English version is not...
New tip "Sync Vision with external MTR using MTC" is added.
  2002.08.27 I hope many people to join Enquete page...
Japanese version's results added for "How do you use Vision?"
  2002.08.23 New tip "MIDI Recording Tips Part 1" added
  2002.08.20 New tips "Controlling tempo with Fader" and "ReWiring SVP with VSTi" added
  2002.08.19 Enquete page is open. Please vote "How do you use Vision?"
  2002.08.19 New tip "Play from Selection" added
  2002.08.18 English version's Discussion Board now available!!
  2002.08.18 New PatchName list for E-mu Audity2000 is up on Download page.
  2002.08.17 Some changes have been made.
English version BBS(Discussion Board) is being prepared. Be patient...
  2002.08.16 New tip "Help Function" added
  2002.08.15 New tip "Handle Vision with your external MIDI controller" added
  2002.08.10 Some Tips added
  2002.08.05 Opcode Vision Fan Site debut!!