Studio Vision Pro, Vision DSP are MIDI/Audio Sequence Software which are no longer developped, after Opcode became subsidiary of Gibson in 1999.

Even after they became freeware, there must be a lot of people who still loves, uses Vision.

This is a site where Vision lovers exchange information.

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Site Updates

  2004.3.3 Yamaha DGX-500 OMS Patch Name List available in Download page. Contributed by Mr.Graham Metcalfe.
  2004.1.13 Added link to Dave Kane's site in Download page.
  2003.11.1 Roland SD-90 OMS Patch Name List available in Download page. Contributed by Segawa.
  2003.2.12 has been add to Link page.
New OMS patchname files "XV-5050" "JV-1010"(submitted by Ms. Tutti) add in Download page.

A Happy New Year!!

Superfuid has been add to Link page.

  Site Updates in the past.

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This site is maintained by me HN Agemono.

I'm trying to write as accurate contens as I can, but there might be some mistakes, misunderstanding, etc. And also, as I am a Japanese, my English may confuse you. If you have any opinion, email me.

Feel free to link this site.

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MIDI Interface   Roland S-MPU64
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Software   Opcode Studio Vision Pro 4.5.1
    Propellerhead REASON2.0
    MOTU Digital Performer 3.0