ReWiring SVP with VSTi
Last Update 2002.08.20

This tip is presented by muchie. He sent my this with captured images. Thanks a lot!!

Required stuffs

Studio Vision Pro 4.5.1: See this page for downloading and installing.
Ugly VSTi Interface:

Click the link "download" right under "The Ugly VSTi Interface" in this page.

ReWire Extension: Click "MaxPlay" on top of this page. Extract downloaded file and pick up these two files in "audio stuff folder".
ReWireMSP Extension:

Linking Ugliy VSTi Intereface and Studio Vision Pro

For linking Ugly VSTi Interface(UVI) and Studio Visio Pro(SVP), OMS's IAC Bus is to be used. Confirm IAC Bus exists in your Studio Setup in OMS. If you can't find it, reinstall OMS.

Audio is linked with ReWire. Launch SVP first, then UVI. This order is same as when you ReWire with REASON or Rebirth. Quitting order seems not to be restricted.

Configurating MIDI

When you launch both apps, make IAC Bus channel in Instruments Window of SVP. You can either make new instrument from mini menu, or assign existing instrument channel IAC Bus.

For UVI's MIDI, assign IAC Bus for MIDI Input Device in Main Window. MIDI Input Channel may be "Any"(channel assigned in SVP should also work).

Configurating Audio

You should be able to find MSP in "Audio Instrument & Routing Window" in SVP. Then, Activate "MSP 1"(should already activated) and check "Stereo".

For UVI's audio configuration, click on "Output Options" and assign:

Output Device ------> Rewire
Output Channel -----> 1 Rewire Out 1

and close window.

Playing notes

Click on "Load Plug In" on UVI, and assign a VST Plug In you want to use.

Go back to SVP, make a track with IAC Bus assigned as Instrument, then, click "R" button. Now you can hear assigned VST Plug In working by playing your keyboard.

To record the sound, open "Record Monitor" and assign "MSP 1" as source.

It seems that you can launch many UVIs. But while ReWire works, MIDI doesn't. This is because OMS is not multiple particular-application compatible. So, you can use only one UVI at once.