Sync Vision with external MTR using MTC
Last Update 2002.09.27

This Tips explains how to sync Vision with external MTR(Multi Track Recorder) using MTC.

Connecting MIDI Cables

MIDI cables should be connected duplex.

MTR Out ----> In Mac
In <---- Out

Configuring OMS

Launch OMS Setup. Open MIDI Device Info of your using MTR.(This tip will not issue initial configuration)

Check "Receives" and "Sends" of MIDI Time Code. Specify MTR's Device ID which you can find on your device.(*If your MTR is Roland's product, specify one less than the number you see on you device.)

Configuring Vision

Open Sync Options window by clicking on either "Sync Options..." in Options menu, or clock mark on Control Bar.

Receive Sync: Choose "MIDI Time Code" for "Receive Sync" method, your MTR device name for sync source, and check "Remote Start".

Send Sync: Check "Send Sync", "MIDI Time Code", and source device.

SMPTE Format: Select SMPTE Time Code's format. "30fps, non-drop" should be the best choice here.

Configuring MTR

On this explanation, Roland VS1680 is taken as an example. If you have different device, please read its manuals.

Device ID: Make sure there's no contradiction with OMS.

SysEx.Rx.: Choose "ON"

Control Type: Choose "C.C."

Sync Source: Choose "INT"

Sync Gen.: Choose "MTC"

Sync MTC Type: If you chose "30fps, non-drop" on Vision, choose "30"

Try Sync

In this state, Vision should follow your MTR a bit after you start playing it.