Sync Vision with REASON using ReWire
Last Update 2002.08.09

REASON is a great software that can finish a song without any other device's help. But if you are used to use Vision's sequencer, REASON's sequencer may bother you. Besides, if you want to record audio, ReWiring Vision with REASON may give you a great solution.

Tow ReWire Vision with REASON is simple. Just launch Vision before REASON. REASON will automatically set its audio output to Vision's Audio Instrument. But you have to be carefull with some points.

If you're using REASON2.0

The ReWire extension accompanied with REASON2.0 generates error "RegisteredReWireDevice.cpp(932) :VERIFY failure" when you start ReWiring with Vision 4.5.1. To avoid this problem, you have to install REASON1.0.1(Demo version should also work) and extract its ReWire extension and replace it with the one in REASON2.0.

Using IAC Bus

Check if your OMS can use IAC Bus. You can name them as you want.

Make REASON receiveMIDI signal from Vision

Assign IAC Bus on "External Control" in Advanced MIDI Preference in REASON.

Select which Bus to use and then, assign using device for each channels in MIDI IN DEVICE.

Receiving ReWired audio from REASON

You can select channels input from REASON, when ReWired.

Channels seem no to be able to link 2 channels except for 1 & 2.

It's convinient to have a console with ReWired MID and audio tracks.

Adjusting audio latency

Sending MIDI signal from Vision to REASON via IAC Bus, and receiving audio signal from REASON to Vision takes some time. There's certain latency during this process. To make this latency zero, you can adjust MIDI events earlier.

Creating devices like Redrum, get prepared for receiving MIDI signals from Vision in REASON. In Vision, create 2 MIDI tracks. One for REASON to play prepared device. The other to play external synth(hard synth). Both devices to play "click" like sound is recommended. Create some majors of quater beats in both tracks.

You'll see how much of latency is happening.

Running the sequence, select the track which outputs to REASON, activate "Play Shift" button in bottom of tracks window, and then, adjust the number on right side. You can find that it plays the less, earlier, and the more, later. If you are sure that both clicks are played at the same time, note that number. This settings should be applied to all MIDI tracks using REASON.