MIDI Recording Tips Part 1
Last Update 2002.08.23

Here's summary of Tips you can use when MIDI recording, part 1. Following ideas are all come from result by Enquete "Why do you still use Vision?" in Japanese version.

Thanks: muchie, .snd

Setting Punch In/Out Point

Here's a convenient key shortcut for specifying Punch In/Out Point for MIDI/Audi recording.

Choose "Commands in Setups menu. When "Commands" window open, check that both "Set Punch In" and "Set Punch Out"'s key shortcuts are specified. This figurs shows both are specified as "[" and "]" respectively.

Activate region where you want to punch in / out.

Press key shortcut you assigned. Now, you can see Punch In/Out Points are set in right side of Control Bar(see figure). Be careful that Punch Toggle button is ON, othewise, punch in/out will no work.

Play from Selection, Play Selection

You can start playing from where you click on in the Graphic Window.

Selecting "Play from Selection" in Do menu, or pressing Command + Space(default setting) lets you do this.






You can also play only where you select.

After selecting area, choose "Play Selection" in Do menu or press Option + Space(default setting). Then, Vision only plays selected area.


Scrolling field in Graphic Window

You can scroll field by dragging mouse with Option + Shift key pressed in Graphic Window.

Zooming In/Out in Graphic Window

You can zoom in region by choosing it with Option key pressed.

Also, you can zoom out by clicking on field with Option key pressed.