Downloading and Installing Vision
Last Update 2004.11.4

Downloading files

By courtesy of Mr.Dave Kane, there's some links from his site Vision Resources.
Download SVPcomplete.sit(Studio Vision Pro 4.5.1) and Visionfontkeys.sit(Font and Keyboard for Vision) and extract using Aladdin StuffIt Expander(you need version 7.0.3 on OS9).

If you like to use Studio Vision Pro 4.2.2, download SVP4.2.2.sit and extract. Then, overwrite existing files in Studio Vision Pro 4.5.1's folder with contents of SVP4.2.2.sit.

You may put this folder in Applications.

Moving files

The file called "Vision" in "Keyboard Layout" folder should go to "System Folder:System"("Vision" file in "Font and Keyboard for Vision" folder should be the same).

The file called "Aloisen" in "Font and Keyboard for Vision" should go to "System Folder:Font".

Replace Acadia

If your Mac is running OS 9.x.x, put your Acadia files in Trash. Otherwise, you can skip this part.

Put appropriate Acadia which you can choose from "Optimized Acadias" folder, into the same folder as "Studio Vision PPC". If you are using either G3 or G4, choose "Acadi603/G3/G4".

Delete Vision Grooves

If you intend to use Vision 4.2.2, you may encounter an error "This file was created with a later version of Vision and cannot be opened". This is becaused by the file called "Vision Grooves".

You may just delete this file.


Put ASIO drivers in "ASIO Drivers" folder, as you need. Then, restart your computer.

Though this tip doesn't include instructions, you need OMS to be installed properly.