Downloading and Installing Vision
Last Update 2002.11.1

Installing DEMO Version

First of all, you have to install DEMO version of Vision. Download VisionDSP_Demo.sit.hqx from here.

You'll see a file named "Install Vision DSP 4.5", after extracting. Double click it!

Figure on right is an initial window of the installer. Click "Continue..."!!

If you want to move quick ahead, keep "Easy Install" tab as it is, and click "Install".

If you want to install neat, choose "Custom Install" with the tab and check as you can see the figure on right. Then, specify "Install Location" and click "Install".

Contents of "Vision DSP f" folder right after installation.

Aloisen in "System Folder:Font"

Vision in "System Folder:System"

Swapping with Free version

Swap "Vision DSP 4.5" with "Studio Vision PPC" which you can download from here. You can trash the old one.

Swapping Acadia

If your Mac is running OS 9.x.x, put your Acadia files in Trash. Otherwise, you can go next step "Finally".

Put appropriate Acadias which you can download from here in "Vision DSP f" folder. If you are using either G3 or G4, put "Acadi603/G3/G4(new)".


Put ASIO drivers in "ASIO Drivers" folder in "Vision DSP f" folder, as you need. Then, restart your computer.


Though this tip doesn't include instructions, you need OMS to be installed properly.