Controlling tempo with Fader
Last Update 2002.08.20

This tip is made from an answer by questionnaire "What is the main reason you can't leave Vision?" of Japanese version.

answerer: .snd

You can controll tempo dynamically using fader in Fader Window. Expanding its functionlity, you can even controll it with exterenal MIDI controller.

Controlling tempo dynamically with Fader

Open Faders Window by selecting "Faders" in Windows menu.

Change "Tempo:" parameter(default is "off") at the bottom of the window to any fader number(ex: F1) you want.

Move the fader which you assigned. You'll see the tempo parameter changes as you move it. Varied tempo range can be adjusted with "Range:" parameter, which is right next to "Tempo:" parameter.

Controlling tempo with external MIDI controller

Change "Settings:" to "Rcv". Then, assign MIDI controller device, channel, controll info to "Device", "Chan", Controller" respectively. Now, you can controll the fader with your external MIDI controller directly.

This tempo changes can be of course, recorded. And also, you can extend this functionality to various parameters.

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