Handle Vision with your external MIDI controller
Last Update 2002.08.15

This one explains how to handle Vision from external MIDI controller, using Roland VM3100pro as an example.

Check that the ext. MIDI controller's signal is properly received.

Launch OMS and check the signal. Following explanations are assuming that basic configuration is already done.

Open "Current Setup" and select "Test Studio" in the Studio menu.

Send any MIDI signal from the ext. MIDI controller. If "MIDI Received." is pronounced with sexy woman voice, you're done with this section. You may also check this with the arrow(indicated in the figure) blinking.

Otherwise, either MIDI controller or OMS should be misconfigurated. Check them again.

Enable Input in Vision

You have to also configure Vision to receive MIDI signal from the ext. MIDI controller. Open "Enable Input Devices..." in Setup menu. Confirm that the ext. MIDI controller is checked.


Controlling Faders

Open console which inclues the fader you want to controll.

Drop down a menu in triangle(see figure ->) and check "Fader Remotes Enabled"(same one in Setup menu also works). Also, check "Show Selected Fader Info".

Now, you can see information like Instrument, Controller, Remote Device etc. on top of the console. Input needed parameters in right side of that section.

Remote Device: Select your ext. MIDI controller.
Chan: Channel number received from ext. MIDI controller.
Controller: The parameter influenced by received MIDI signal.

Can you see fader(or whatever) moving following your ext. MIDI controller? If you can't, check all the configurations above again.

Other Controll

In Vision, transporting section like Play, Record, Pause, etc. are treated with MIDIKeys, other than Remote Faders(mentioned above).

Check "MIDIKeys Enabled" in Setup menu, and open "Commands"(see figure ->).

"Commands" is a convenient function which enables you to customize keyborad shortcus. You can also configure MIDIKeys shortcuts here.

Right half area named "MIDI Event", "Device", "Chan" is used for MIDIKeys configuration. Activate this area, send MIDI signals from the ext. MIDI controller, and they will be assigned as a selected function automatically.

Note that if there's no keyboard shortcut assigned before this, MIDIKeys shortcut will not also be assigned. In that case, even if you don't use, you need to assign any keyboard shortcut beforehand.